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RFRI leads the way with novel ideas continuing to leave a legacy of leadership.

Through the grassroots efforts of our leadership and commitment from our partners, the programs that began almost two decades ago continue to produce vital habitat and educational benefits to anglers today.  The programs of RFRI are firmly ingrained in its past. Below are programs that paved that foundation of education RFRI is proud to endorse.

The restoration of fish habitat and increased data collection of “citizen scientists” through past programs like the Bay Ronquille inshore artificial reef and TAG Louisiana allowed for the public’s direct participation in education and conservation.  With new advances in technology, citizen scientists have more availability to this data and the ability to share their experiences than ever before. These same advances in technology have provided researchers with new ways to begin gathering data as well. Now anglers can "Fish with a Purpose”!

Once again RFRI will lead the way with novel ideas continuing to leave a legacy of leadership.

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TAG Louisiana

The two main objectives of TAG are to establish a sound marine sport fish tag and recapture program utilizing a diverse cooperative program specifically designed to employ and educate anglers and to improve our understanding of marine sport fish movements, patterns of habitat use and population dynamics...
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TAG IT Louisiana Red Snapper Tournament

Help us collect valuable info on Red Snapper by taking photos of your catch (via our Angler Almanac app) and tagging your releases. Tournament runs concurrent with Louisiana’s recreational red snapper season. Generally starts the Friday before Memorial Day and ends around Labor Day...
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Fishal.ai Challenge

Louisiana ROLP and saltwater license holders, RFRI has partnered with the Wye Foundation on the Fishial.AI project with the goal of making highly accurate fish identification "Fishial Recognition" possible. 
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RFRI Leaderboard Software

The RFRI Leaderboard software is the most technologically advanced and integrated system in today’s fishing tournament arena. This system will provide your anglers with realtime leaderboard changes, text alerts, online viewing, automatic updates...
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RFRI Outdoors Program

In a time when technology often holds us captive, RFRI understands the importance of getting outside, being physically active, embracing teamwork and connecting with nature and each other...
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Inshore Artificial Reef Program

Reducing coastal erosion and restore hard bottom and essential fish habitats.The creation of inshore reefs provide two main benefits: they assist in reducing coastal erosion and restore hard bottom and essential fish habitats where it had previously existed...
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Live Catch and Release Redfish Tournaments

Since its inception, the RFRI used saltwater fishing tournaments as the focus of its conservation and education efforts. By 2007 the traditional “kill” type rodeo format was dropped and from 2007 through 2009 replaced with the RFRI Plaquemines Parish Redfish Series, a true “live” catch and release style...
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RFRI Socio/Economic Survey

This study, profiled the population of anglers that participate in fishing rodeos and investigated the economic impacts of these recreational fishing rodeos on local, regional, and state economies. The survey provided insight on the types of anglers who participate in competitive fishing events, their motivations, expenditures, and their overall economic impact. The RFRI participated & facilitated this survey in...
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