The RFRI has partnered with the Wye Foundation’s Fish ID project.


Louisiana ROLP and saltwater license holders, RFRI has partnered with the Wye Foundation on the Fishial.AI project with the goal of making highly accurate fish identification "Fishial Recognition" possible.

The open-source image database will allow researchers worldwide to use the fish images in solving fisheries science-related issues. If you’re interested in joining the RFRI team, please forward us your email address and we will get you signed up. See below.

  • The challenge consists of uploading and processing as many fish photos as possible on the RFRI portal.
  • The Contest is free of charge and open to the general public.
  • Win amazing prizes at the end of each quarter and a grand prize at the end of the year.

Here is the list of species we are interested in:

Coastal: spotted Seatrout, white Seatrout, red drum, black drum, sheepshead, southern flounder.
Snapper: red, lane, gray/mangrove, vermilion, yellowtail.
Grouper: yellowedge, snowy, warsaw, red, yellowfin, gag, yellowmouth, black, scamp.
Migratory: Wahoo, dolphin, amberjacks, cobia, grey triggerfish, king & spanish mackerel.

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