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Engaging everyone to engage in habitat restoration and conservation of our fisheries resource.


In a time when technology often holds us captive, RFRI understands the importance of getting outside, being physically active, embracing teamwork and connecting with nature and each other. We believe these activities are especially important to our young people, and we want to encourage their water life endeavors, knowing firsthand that their time on and around the water will make them healthier and happier. We accomplish this by introducing people to recreational boating and fishing.

We all need more time outdoors, especially today’s youth and young adults. The RFRI Outdoors Program aims to engage everyone to be physically active while embracing teamwork and connecting with nature. The program enables an introduction to boating and fishing where the seeds of outdoor enrichment are planted.

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Managing the future of fishing in Louisiana is a monumental task and in order for the RFRI to tackle fisheries, habitat, and coastal restoration projects, funding is required. Your contributions will greatly protect, enhance and maintain the Gulf Coast Marine Fishery through science, education and public involvement.