Anglers Almanac for TAG Louisiana

Your catch into citizen scientist data


You can once again use an app to enter you tagged fish! you can still manually enter via your TAG Louisiana account on the mobile web, but the Anglers Almanac is faster and simpler! 

NOTE: You must be at the location of you catch/release to use the APP! Why?

When you record a tagged fish via the APP, it automatically records environmental conditions that can influenced fish feeding, allowing for more successful trips. The App will help anglers understand why and how they caught fish. Linking capture data to atmospheric and hydrological data (i.e. salinity, water depth, air temperature, etc) during a particular trip will allow anglers to maintain personal fishing logs and allows researchers to link catch with environmental conditions. Why is this important?

Angler engagement and the ability to manage fisheries in real-time considering winds, storms, fronts and other conditions that affect anglers' ability to get to the fish is extremely important and is currently not happening. Matching catches to local weather conditions will give anglers more insight to their captures. It will also allow them to look at forecasted conditions and predict potential fishing success through the Apps exclusive machine learning tool. They will also be able to open a capture for more details to see environmental data matched to the date and time the capture was made and if they choose to, they can share and discuss it right in the application with fish friends. Follow the steps below & and see screen shots at the bottom of this page:

  1. You Must be a Registered Tagger with TAG Louisiana.
  2. Download Anglers Almanac App & Register (with same login info as TAG Louisiana site).
  3. Click (New Capture).
  4. Tap Camera to Start.
  5. Take Photo of Tagged Fish (a site of Capture).
  6. Pick (Use Photo).
  7. Pick Species.
  8. Select Tag Used.
  9. Select Length.
  10. Click (SAVE CAPTURE).

For Red Snapper you will be asked 2 more questions: 

  1. Was Fish Released at Surface, Vented and Released or Released with Descending Device.
  2. If You Chose Descending Device, it will ask at what depth (30, 60 or 90 Feet?)
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